Meet the Cast

Sam Stern


Sam is a principal analyst in Forrester’s CMO research practice. His research topics include employee experience and customer-centric culture. Prior to joining the research team, Sam launched and managed Forrester’s Customer Experience Council and Customer Experience Executive Program, which are peer networks for customer experience executives. Previously, Sam managed Forrester’s customer experience consulting practice.


Jenny Wise


Jenny is a principal analyst in Forrester’s CX research practice. Her research focuses on the role of emerging technologies in customer experience with a primary emphasis on user experience (UX) priorities, such as user research, interaction design, and design team skill sets.


Will Willsea

Producer & Editor

Will is a researcher in Forrester’s CX research practice, serving both government and private sector professionals. His research focuses on enterprise-wide CX management and how to effectively drive customer loyalty with CX.


Amanda Chen

Coordinator & Audio Mixologist

Amanda is a senior research associate in Forrester’s CX research practice. She primarily contributes to research focused on UX, emerging technology, journey analytics, and customer service.